Speakers & Partners

Philippe Cailloux

Designer & Productist


Seasoned software application designer and entrepreneur. 30+ years experience developing global products using cutting edge digital technologies. Former head of product design at Adobe, serial co-founder, currently exploring the productization opportunities offered by AI technologies.

Erica Lee

Founder, VP of ML
& Upwork


Erica is the VP for Machine Learning at She leads international applied ML organization that develops: Search & Recommendations, Knowledge Graph, Trust & Safety/Fraud Automation, Marketing Analytics, Experimentation Platform & ML Infrastructure.
Formerly, Erica was the Director of ML at, where she led ML-powered “Neural Zestimate” and more.
Erica has also worked at Apple AI, Morgan Stanley, and Harvard Research. She is the Founder of, a nonprofit providing sponsored AI resources to women working in AI.

Jeremiah Owyang

Investor & Advisor


Jeremiah Owyang is an investor, entrepreneur and public speaker on the topic of new trends, with a focus on AI. He invested in his first AI startup in 2017, and has delivered speeches on “Autonomous World” since 2017.

Ben Holfeld

SF AI Studio Lead


Aarthi Srinivasan



Leveraging 10+ years of leadership experience in leading all facets of product development. Proven track record of leading product, design and engineering teams for operational excellence across digital products with industry thought leadership. An inspiring leader, leveraging effective cross-functional stakeholder management and strong executive team decision-making.

Bhabani Nayak

Data Science and


Olga Batygin

Co-Founder & CEO


Olga is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lucinetic. With a background in molecular biology research and expertise in tech startups, higher education and corporations, she is an accomplished leader with more than a decade of experience in operations, administration, and communications. She is a longtime member of Caltech’s community and is a member of several Boards. Olga’s interest lies in the intersection of scientific research, technology, and social impacts in unique ecosystems.

Bastiaan de Goei

Insurance Industry


Bastiaan is the Insurance Leader at Instabase, a tech company specialized in intelligent automation. He is a seasoned insurance professional and was most recently head of Americas at the innovation arm of AXA. He completed a Ph.D. in business economics at the University of Cambridge.

Miko Matsumura

gumi Cryptos Capital


Miko is a General Partner with gCC Gumi Cryptos Capital, a Silicon Valley investment fund with over $500M in assets including early-stage investments in unicorns like OpenSea, Yield Guild Games, VEGA Protocol, Qredo, Agoric, Astar and 1Inch Network.

Miko fell in love with open source software 25 years ago as chief Developer Evangelist for the Java Programming Language and Platform at Sun Microsystems. Since then he has been building open source software startups in Silicon Valley including raising over $50 million in venture capital for developer platform companies such as Gradle and financial infrastructure companies like Hazelcast and has participated in multiple exits including INFRAVIO, webMethods, and Db4O. He is a board member or advisor in successful startups like GIANT Protocol (Network Infrastructure), IntoTheBlock (algorithmic trading), LIT Protocol (NFT Access Control) and KEYLESS (ID infrastructure). He holds a Master’s degree in Neuroscience from Yale University where he worked on abstract computational neural networks. 

Tania Peitzker

Adjunct Faculty
University of
Silicon Valley


Dr Tania Peitzker is a freelance Professor at universities in Europe and Adjunct Faculty at the University of Silicon Valley. She has been a Natural Language Processing entrepreneur for decades and is now a fulltime writer and researcher in the fascinating field of Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Technologies.

Nikon Rasumov-Rahe

Maxime Tools


Kumar Ujjwal

Founder & CEO


Kumar is the founder and CEO of Dwellfi and Partner at Fortified Ventures. He has two patents in the AI and ML fields.

Raymond Lo

AI Software Evangelist


Raymond Lo, currently based in the Silicon Valley, is the global lead of the Intel AI evangelist team at Intel focusing on the OpenVINO™ toolkit. Previously, Raymond was the founder and CTO of Y Combinator-backed augmented reality company Meta, the technology evangelist for Samsung NEXT, and Technical Solutions Consultant for Google Cloud AI. During his PhD, Raymond worked with Prof Steve Mann, who is widely recognized as the father of wearable computing from MIT Media Lab. Together they published numerous of research papers on the topic of GPGPUs, open-source HDR videos, and open-source wearable computing projects in the University of Toronto. In 2013, Raymond took his augmented reality (AR) eyeglasses invention and functional prototype from Toronto and co-founded Meta that raised over $80 million for their pioneering development of augmented reality eyeglasses. As the CTO of Meta, he successfully developed and shipped Meta 1 and Meta 2 with a team of over 150+ people. As the executive and evangelist, he had the opportunity to speak at conferences such as TED Talks, SIGGRAPH, Tencent WE Summit, and Hello Tomorrow. His unique combination of startup entrepreneurship and enterprise experiences helped Raymond to create connections to hundreds of startups and thousands of developers around the world.

Rana Gujral

Behavioral Signals


Rana Gujral is an entrepreneur, speaker, investor, and CEO at Behavioral Signals, an enterprise software company that excels at distinguishing behavioral signals in speech data with its proprietary deep learning technology. As a thought-leader in the AI/technology space, he often leads keynote sessions and joins panel discussions at industry events such as World Government Summit, VOICE Summit, The Next Web Conference, and Blockchain Economic Forum. His bylines are featured in publications such as Hacker Noon,, SpeechTechMagazine, and is a contributing columnist at TechCrunch and Forbes. He’s been recognized as ‘Entrepreneur of the Month’ by CIO Magazine, awarded ‘US-China Pioneer’ by IEIE, and listed as a Top 10 Entrepreneur to follow in 2017 by Huffington Post and an AI Entrepreneur to Watch in Inc.

David Dorfman

Managing Member


I am an international business and development leader with 20+ years of experience in finance, entrepreneurship, marketing and technology. I have a track record of successfully conceptualizing, organizing and launching diverse entrepreneurial projects from designing and producing women’s fashion in Guatemala to leading a global accelerator program for tech startups.

Uday Upreti



Software developer with 4+ years of experience. A strong believer in networking and community building, with 7 hackathon wins and participation in 25+ national and international hackathons. Google Developer Student Club Lead at California State University.

Son Ca Vu

CEO & Co-Founder
Alta Tools


Vikram Tiwari



“Co-founder, Tech
where I help build the future of work.

and #MachineLearning helping others learn, build and excel.”

Dmitry Shapiro



CEO @ YouAi
CEO @ Koji
Product @ Google
CTO @ MySpace
CEO @ Veoh
CEO @ Akonix
Web @ Fujitsu

Amit Badlani
Product Management & Leader
NVIDIA & Stanford

Amit Badlani is a Product Management Leader at NVIDIA. Prior to NVIDIA, he designed experiences in the IoT & Connected Cars space at Ericsson. With more than nine years’ experience in product management, he thoroughly enjoys designing delightful products, crafting go-to-market strategy, and analyzing key performance indicators. Amit has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and Management Science from Stanford University in California.

Leo Rezaei



iOS engineer, Applied AI engineer, designer and investor. Previously: Mobile apps lead at Vertex biotech overseeing the global commercial and medical mobile apps.
Vertex is the only company that treats the underlying cause of CF, a deadly genetic rare disease and the only company with a true cure for diabetes type 1 that was successful in the first person in the world.

Ryan Baird



Gloria Felicia

CEO & Founder
InsightCircle AI


Gloria Felicia, also known as “”Glo,”” is a technology entrepreneur, hacker, and UX Expert. Glo focuses on AI accessibility and UI + UX. Glo deferred a PhD-CS in HCI from Stanford and holds a BS in Business and IT from the University of Virginia.

Glo has spoken at global conferences such as TEDWomen and C2. She is an On Deck Fellow, Google Women Techmakers Ambassador, developers lead at GDG SF and Women In AI SF. Glo has been featured in Washington Post and The Information as a community builder, hackathon judge, and past winner.

Henry Skull



Henry Skull is a successful entrepreneur and tech leader with a BSC, BBA, and MBA. He founded SMS-iT, a leading tech company, and has extensive experience in AI, finance, and digital marketing.

Devarshi Shah

Devarshi Shah


Devarshi Shah is CEO & Founder of Lumeo – the award-winning “”no-code”” video analytics platform that provides businesses and solution providers with the ability to create and deliver custom analytics in minutes.

He’s a serial entrepreneur and a platform builder, having founded successful SaaS and B2B businesses. Prior to Lumeo, he was the Head of Product for Twilio’s Rich Messaging products, and launched the Twilio Marketplace – empowering developers and businesses around the world to embed communication workflows into their products.

Over his career, Devarshi has (painstakingly) built various vision & video products – from diabetes diagnostics using retinal images to patented, real-time video encoders for the first mobile broadcast network at Qualcomm – and started Lumeo to make it easier and faster to bring vision and video analytics enabled products to market.

Devarshi brings bleeding edge knowledge of technology, business models, and customer problems from the field, having helped customers bring computer vision and AI enabled video analytics products to market. As an engineer, he has seen computer vision evolve from a niche, heuristic-driven technology in the 2000’s to a widely applicable, AI-model driven technology in the last few years, and as a practitioner with over 20 years of experience, he has seen first hand how platforms & building blocks enable businesses to take their destiny into their own hands and unlock new opportunities while developing a competitive edge.

Victor Thu

AI Product Leader


Over 15 years of operational experience with cutting-edge technologies including cloud, mobility, and machine learning / artificial intelligence. Responsible for creating, leading world-class AI teams that deliver state-of-the-art technologies for the world’s largest companies.

Aadit Kapoor

Data Scientist / A.I Researcher
National Institutes of Health and DGSHAPE


Jonathan Brill

Fortune 50 Futurist
Center for Radical Change


Sandro Okropiridze



Sandro Okropiridze, Co-founder and CEO at STORI AI, is transforming the landscape of digital branding and content creation. With a fervor for technology and deep insights into the digital realm, he’s guiding his team to harness AI for optimized brand growth.

David Frankle



David Frankle, a Harvard graduate and CEO of, is dedicated
to transforming the B2B sales landscape. With four years of experience
in B2B sales and marketing, David leverages AI and natural language
understanding to reshape traditional sales processes. Through, part of Techstars ’23, he provides automated sales
playbooks and data-driven insights to help businesses achieve their
sales goals. His ultimate mission is to make a lasting impact on the
sales industry through AI-powered solutions.

Tushar Goswami



Tushar is CTO at He has 21 years experience in AI – building products using Natural Language, Web Crawling, Robotic Process Automation, and NoCode.
Started programming at 13 (now 35), recognized with Youngest Entrepreneur Award in 20s, co-founded 4 software startups. Fast forward today – Tushar’s work is being used in notable institutions like US Airforce, Finland Govt, Uber, Snapchat, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and 1000s of SMBs.

Andrew Engel

Head of Data
Science Solutions


Andrew Engel, Ph.D. is Head of Data Science Solutions at where he is responsible for working with prospects and customers of to ensure they are successful in their data science initiatives. He has been a data scientist for over twenty years and has spent most of the last ten years working with customers and prospects of data science platforms (DataRobot and Rasgo) to help them solve their business challenges. Prior to this, he worked as a data scientist across multiple verticals from consumer electronics to national security to financial services. Prior to joining industry, he spent several years as an applied mathematics professor at Towson University.

Benson Chan

Strategy of Things


Eric Forst

Pangea Social AI


Eric Forst is a marketing technology leader and a pioneer of social media sentiment analysis and influencer identification while at Visible Technologies and Tracx. Forst has helped organizations ranging from the Obama for America campaign to Walmart with social media sentiment analysis.

Paul Kleen



CEO @ Pitchit (Plug & Play Alum, Alchemist Batch 33)
2 time Founder, 1 Exit
Former Data Scientist @ Framed Data (Acq. by Block)

Ronald Mikhail AngSiy

Visca AI


Ronald AngSiy is a Wharton MbA alumni, founder of a NASA and YCombinator-backed startup, and venture capitalist who wrote for the Financial Times. Ronald is currently founder of, an automation platform that trains custom GPT employees at a 95-98% lower cost than hiring an equivalent employee.

Chris Butler

Lead PM
Google Core
Machine Learning


Chris Butler is a chaotic good product manager, writer, and speaker. He has extensive experience in product management leadership at Microsoft, Waze, KAYAK, Facebook Reality Labs (aka Meta), IPsoft, and Cognizant. He is now Lead Product Manager in Google’s Core Machine Learning team focused on strategy, decision making, and PM’ing the PM experience. He has written about the impact of ML on communal computinganimistic design in the smart home, and LLM agents.

Nima Zeighami

Director of Product
Leia Inc.


Michael Choupak

Stork Tech


Stork is the new virtual HQ for your hybrid team that works in multiple time zones. All meetings recorded automatically, voice and video notes exchanged and screen recordings shared. No more missed meetings or meetings that used to require more than 4 people to attend. Play it back in Stork.

Our mission is to make it easy and fun for teams to engage in collaboration which is essential to remote and hybrid work’s long-term success. We’re building for distributed startups who want to accomplish every day communications with fewer but more efficient meetings that carry greater transparency and shared learnings.

Share video, voice, and screen recordings directly in Stork

Tong Yu

Founder, Engineer
Dirtycat, SAP Labs


Born in China and immigrating to San Francisco at the young age of 15, Tong is a testament to adaptability and perseverance. With humble beginnings as a talented oil painting artist, Tong seamlessly transitioned into the world of technology as an engineer at a leading enterprise software company in Silicon Valley.

This innate drive for success was evident from an early age, Tong made their first pot of gold in sixth grade by recruiting her playmates to sell used newspapers to neighbors back in China. Since their sophomore year in high school, Tong has founded multiple companies, demonstrating their unparalleled ambition and tenacity. With a keen interest in artificial intelligence and venture capital, Tong is now poised to contribute their unique blend of creative and technical expertise to the forefront of these exciting fields, nurturing innovation and empowering the next generation of groundbreaking ideas.

Ruby Yeh



Steven Echtman



Steven is a tireless entrepreneur and startup strategist currently focussed on AI & Web3. He has vast experience in enterprise and consumer spaces, as a “producer” in many realms, including media & marketing, internet enabled application (incl. cloud, mobile, geospatial, IoT, & social). He excels at team leadership; project, program, and product management; customer development; business development; sales acceleration; and operations. Steven is adept at developing and implementing processes; and presenting concepts, plans and roadmaps – from high-level to extremely detailed. In a nutshell, he distill complex ideas and possibilities into clearly conveyable actionable plans, helping people and teams achieve their visions.